The company headquarters - Kun gold treasure (Shenzhen) Agel Ecommerce Ltd

Jin Kun Jubao (Shenzhen) Agel Ecommerce Ltd, located in China, financial IT Internet, gold jewelry industry hinterland - Shenzhen. From the domestic financial sector, the gold jewelry industry,          Internet industry veteran big coffee co-founder Gou Jiangui, dedicated to the 020 major financial ecosystem metal. In 2016 the domestic precious metals business leader - Zhejiang Yong Kun              holdings, a full range of strategic cooperation, become "Yong Kun gold - gold value ecosystem" national operational headquarters, combination Broadaxe opened up new field.

      Yong Kun Jin line project background

Yong Kun Kun gold is gold treasure (Shenzhen) store system of Agel Ecommerce Ltd "gold products O2O integrated service platform line. Jin Kun treasure through strategic cooperation with Yong      Kun holdings, holdings in gold by Yong Kun comprehensive business areas of the industrial chain resources, brand value and dozens of Direct stores, store experience in the country layout of Yong      Kun gold, as the online platform supporting product service to provide experience for the user.

      Expert team


       Chief strategist
       Wang Shaohui Wang Patrick Canada

       Jin Ju Bao Kun (Shenzhen) general manager of Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Hongkong, the mainland financial sector, nearly 40 years of asset management, gold, securities, futures and enterprise                financing industry experience.

       Senior investment research team
       Jiaoxing Chinese von Aaron

       Investment Research Center Director, chief gold investment analyst, senior analyst at China Gold Association, long engaged in futures trading futures analysis work, has a unique trading style and        investment philosophy.

         Senior investment research team
         Ni Ni Alice China

         Master of science, mathematics and applied mathematics, with many years of experience in the securities industry. Served in the Chinese Investment Securities senior marketing manager, 13-15            involved in the development of "cornucopia" series of products.

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  • ADDRESS:Building 6, no. 188 moganshan road, gongshu district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province